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Emma's second graduation... over-achiever had to get two degrees, lol
Emma’s second graduation… over-achiever had to get two degrees, lol

“Who are these people?”
To be honest, I often wonder the same thing the first time I read a new blog!

That’s why I decided to add all this detailed info. Yes, our team includes three nurses and one marketer (that’s me, Bradley). We all met at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, way back in 2008, and we have been friends through thick and thin, as they say. We’ve moved to different areas of the country over the course of time, but we continue to have one thing in common, which is this passion for helping others and sharing our insights.

“What is this all about then?”
Well it is all about our passion for unusual and counter intuitive treatments…

Some of this is homeopathy, and other parts of it are ancient Asian and Native American cures, and the remainder is good old-fashioned American high tech!

“Where are you all located?”
We are mostly in the Philadelphia metro region, but Emma is a bit farther away (Baltimore, Maryland), and Bradley (me) is in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Yet — through the modern miracle of “the inter-webs” — we all feel like next-door neighbors.

“When will you work on all this?”

We look rather unhappy in this pic, but believe me, we're happy on the inside!
We look rather unhappy in this pic, but believe me, we’re happy on the inside!

Our team asks that same question all the time! We squeeze this into our calendar where we can. Yes, we are super busy with our families, friends, jobs and speaking engagements…

“Why are you investing time on this ?”
It is our passion, and we are really looking forward to giving back to the community. Plus, we have this as a very practical hobby and simply enjoy finding out how well these cures and treatments work for others.

“How will you share this information?”
Generally will be webpages, posts, and every now and then a video or two. When you read this and have ideas of ways we can help you, and be sure to our contact us page and share whatever you would like.

In fact, let us know if your homeopathic and otherwise unusual cures and treatments. Also, if you had a good or even a bad experience with technology treatments, like laser surgery, or cryotherapy, and then we are very interested to hear of your experience before, during, and in the years after these therapies.

We are very excited to begin and continue through this journey, and look forward to developing friendships with people like you along the way.

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