Advanced Electrolysis For Mole Removal

I chose Advanced Electrolysis as my next because Advanced Electrolysis as the procedure for mole removal is often overlooked, the simple reason being, its name doesn’t put across the nature of the skin-condition the procedure treats. It is named Advanced Cosmetic Procedures in order to tell and educate people the fact that the procedure is not only meant for hair conditions, but for treating other skin imperfections and growths as well.
As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Electrolysis has been in use for hair removal for quite a while, but Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (another name for Advanced Electrolysis) is relatively new term of electrolysis, which is being used for treating multiple skin conditions. However, here in this blog we will keep our focus on mole removal.
One thing that I want to discuss before jumping directly on to the procedure is – the effectiveness of the procedure depends upon the caliber of its practitioner, so it is important that the patient spend quality time selecting the expert and trained practitioner.

The Procedure For Mole Removal
Initially, the therapist applies a sedative cream (anesthetic) to the area that holds the mole, which is followed by the insertion of a tiny probe in to the mole. An electrical current of high frequency A/C is sent to the growth via this probe that changes the appearance of the mole.

The electrolysis procedure doesn’t really remove the mole; however it reduces the size, color and overall appearance of the mole (done under multiple sessions). Most sessions last around 15-20 minutes and there is almost no scarring issue.
At times 2 or 3 sessions/treatments may be required, particularly for bigger moles.
Most centers that offer this procedure often give free consultation, so it is a good idea to book your free consultation there and discuss the best solution for your mole removal needs and expectations.

For further queries on the procedure and its effectiveness, feel free to comment below.

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