Top Skin Blemish Therapies: Why They Work

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Believe it or not, I find some moles are pleasant to look at. Yep. Yet I have to confess, the majority of them are [at best] unattractive (and some times a bit scary!). This is one of the main reasons why many of us look for various ways to remove their moles, specifically those that are unusually shaped, or protruding, or just plain old huge.

In brief, depending on the size and shape, certain methods of removing moles are effective… which is to say, other methods are not. Re-stated: there is no definitive “One Size Fits All” therapy for curing this collection of skin blemishes. (sorry!)

Certainly, there are individuals who opt for laser therapy, and get fabulous results. While there are others who use lemon juice multiple times a day for weeks, and get rid of their moles. And there are yet others who still choose the more conventional surgical procedures, and –of course — successfully reach their goals.

The Traditional & Homeopathic Methods Of Removing A Mole

Face of Unfettered HappinessOne of the most sought-after traditional mole removal methods is the use of apple cider vinegar. Its acid content is powerful enough to get rid of moles. You only need to apply a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the mole using a small piece of a cotton ball (often applied immediately before going to sleep). Leave it for at least 1 hour after wrapping a bandage around the cotton.

As we mentioned before, this method takes patience, yet will be done every day until the mole disappears or falls off. If the smell of vinegar is offensive, then you may also apply iodine to the mole using a cotton ball. Just be careful in handling iodine.

Another traditional method that some people use to remove moles is through the use of mole removal creams. As we will go into detail, THIS is the solution with which we have had best results =-) See this page in particular to read about our facial treatments.

BE CAREFUL. Because many over the counter products are only fancy skin irritants which can cause a formation of a scab. I agree that they work by drying up the blemish, scabbing it, and after time the scab falls off along with the mole. BUT, PLEASE NOTE: a significant percentage of these patients end up with scars.

Be sure to read reviews, and consider how each product may work for you.

Bottom line investment: over the counter creams may cost as much as $150, depending on the brand.

Again, we recommend you read the other pages on this site where we detail our successes and share where you can achieve the same results =-)

The Pros And Cons

In removing moles, the choice is always yours. Some people opt for laser removal therapy, while others choose to be loyal to the traditional methods. The traditional surgery or method of removing moles has its own list of advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage of a traditional surgery is the cost. Compared to laser surgery and other advanced mole removal techniques, a traditional method is a lot cheaper. Over-the-counter medications and other traditional mole removal methods can help you save money. If the method you are using works or is successful, that’s even better.

When it comes to disadvantages, experts say that if done without proper knowledge and care, it can lead to serious skin infection. In addition, some people who have used the traditional method were successful in removing their moles. However, others were not. It goes to show that there is no 100 percent guarantee that any type of traditional surgery or method would be successful. In other words, they do not always work. Moreover, these methods are not totally safe for you. You might be allergic to certain chemicals that are present in the products. You also need to understand that a traditional way of removing moles may lead to unpleasant scarring. However, when done properly, scarring can be minimized.

A Final Thought

Classic Beauty in Skin CareIf you want to opt for the traditional homoeopathic way of getting rid of your moles, you always have the freedom to go traditional all the way or choose an advanced method. No matter what type of method you use, please note that if your skin blemish is irregularly shaped, or painful, or growing very rapidly, then it is best to contact a professional dermatologist about it. Proper knowledge has always been a strong weapon against serious complications or problems. No matter what your decision is, removing your moles is a great step toward the flawless skin you have always wanted.

PS – a quick nod to those who run Google, because their site enabled our ongoing research and solutions work. We encourage you to carry out your discoveries, but by all means, take action! …chose a therapy, and take action against your blemishes today!

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