Top Skin Blemish Scar Healing Remedies

“Gruesome” Home Remedies… really?

As you may know, there are some truly gruesome “home brew” methods of getting rid of moles and skin tags. Sure enough, those home surgeries lead to awful scars. “At Home” Natural methods — when improperly done — quite often lead to scars and marks.

But do you know why that happens?

The majority of the time it is due to the patient picking at their scab (as awful as that sounds…) and/or exposing the tender skin to the sun after the scab naturally comes off.

Obviously, we are NOT saying you should live in a cave for 6 months after the scab comes off. But, what we ARE saying is that fresh, tender skin needs to be covered by a bandage for 10 to 14 days as an effective protection from UV rays.

The third driver of scars is overly dry / dehydrated skin. If you experience this, then the two most important things to do are re-hydrate, and apply organic oil to your skin. “Re-hydrate” simply means to begin with 4 ounces / 125 ml water each hour you are awake. “Organic Oil” refers to natural, pure oils that replenish your skin.

Simply stated — to recap why this is so critical — many people find skin moles unattractive due to their belief in certain ideas of what makes women beautiful, or makes men attractive.

But the other more critical bit here is that all too often these skin blemishes grow in places where they are painful or obstructive. “Painful” moles can become that way due to situations like when one or more grow on a man’s neck, such that when he shaves with his razor daily, that blemish gets cut repeatedly, and is so frequently wounded that it is tender / painful. Meanwhile, other individuals find it annoying to have moles on certain areas of their body because they tend to rub against clothing or get scraped while combing hair. Once again, when this happens, the mole can become inflamed or painful.

A bit more embarrassing, but for those “obstructive” blemishes, that includes those that grow in the ear canal, at the crease of the eye, within the nostril, and other situations such as this. Bottom line: those patients must remove their moles for health’s sake.

Natural Ways to Remove Moles

Luckily, there are many options you can quickly get access to when you are ready to “erase” these bumps and marks. As a matter of fact, most of them can be done at home (which gets high marks in my book for convenience’s sake). However, if you want to get rid of your spots and marks, you are probably wondering how to deal with the scar (particularly if you did not follow the advice we laid out a few paragraphs above this!).

…to satisfy your curiosity on how to get rid of them, just read on THIS PAGE…

Methods Of Removing or Erasing Scars???

Laser Therapy For Scars is certainly an option for you, if money is not a restriction for you.

…yet if you click that link, then be sure to come back here for your non-laser natural options! …because there are truly great solutions you’ll be relieved to see when you read on (compared to the cost of laser surgery, these are a teenie tiny fraction of the price).

Eager to go natural?

These are just a few methods by which people have reported good results:
Fresh Honey Rub
Natural Lemon Juice Massage
Aloe Vera Gel Massage
Cucumber or Onion Paste Rub
Try these! …by all means CONTACT US and share your results, we’ll put it up here.

My personal favorite

Yes, it’s Naturicle’s Blemish-Be-Gone liquid cure.

A miracle? Yep. In my book it is :-) In the weeks to come I’ll share more pictures of the scars I’m treating. You’ll see the real before, during, and after Blemish-Be-Gone therapy results.

Even better than that — as mentioned on other pages of this site — I’ve experienced fabulous results with these same Naturicle liquid drops on facial moles that this product successfully removed with ZERO scar :-)
…so the scars I’m treating are from other life incidents, lol.

Keep in mind, my family and I have tried at least four over the counter scar treatments, plus various natural and organic scar erasing therapies, and NOT ONE of them completely removed the raised scars. Please let us know if you have a natural cure that fully removes a scar.


If you have a scar that has any of these symptoms for more than 5 days, it is highly recommended that you seek professional medical help: scar remains itchy, oozes puss, stays feverish, unusual coloring, painful.

If that alert does not describe you, then get started, choose one of these treatments for your mole scar removal (or any mark you need to get rid of), and go to it till you get your skin back to the way it really should be!

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