How To Make Natural Skin Cream

How to make natural skin cream
Linda Bostock,, renowned medical herbalist, shows you how to make fabulous natural skin cream in her own kitchen. She gives step by step instructions in an easy to follow way using easy to find natural ingredients. To read the first chapters of her health books FREE on Amazon, go to


How To Make Professional Natural Lotions And Creams

How To Make Professional Natural Lotions and Creams Online Class
Online Class: Watch and Learn How to Make
Shea Body Butter Lotion
How to make natural and organic lotions and creams.
What are natural ingredients?
Natural emulsifiers
Natural preservatives
Plant oils
Plant extracts
Making a stable emulsion
Includes the Instant Download, 48 page Training Manual.

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Homemade All-Natural Body Lotion (Super Easy!)

DIY Deep Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter Crème {EASY} by ANNEORSHINE
Learn how to make your very own Organic Natural Deep Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter Creme! In this video I will teach you a very simple recipe that you can make on your own. The best part about this method is that you get to control what you want in your moisturizer. This is by far the best deep moisturizer, I have tried and loved. It’s none icky, light weight, and stays moisturize. I feel better knowing that there are only 4-5 ingredients in my body creme.

LINKS where you find these ingredients:

You can also search for them on ebay: search “organic ________ butter” SUPER EASY!!! All you need is 1/2 lb in each type of butter.


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