Top Mole Removal Cost Options

Only 1 in 100 people are born with are born with a “proliferation” of these moles.

Laser Mole Removal Therapy is clearly one of your options, and we have fabulous resources for all our readers with these interests and deep pockets : -)

Mole Removal Cost: How Much Will I Pay For The Treatment?

Truth be told, your total invoice actually depends on very specific factors, such as the location, shape, and size of the mole. Moreover, if you’re looking to get rid of more than one mole, this’ll add up to a higher cost.

For instance, if you have a mole on your face, it will typically cost you more to take care of that compared to having one eliminated from your finger. …why??… because your face is more sensitive than your finger, and your need for a better final “erasing” of the blemish is greater (after all, what good is it to exchange a nasty blemish for an awful surgical scar??).

Let’s Count The Ways, Shall We?…

1. Mole Removal Creams – If you want to use this type of solution, be ready to spend $35 to $150 or more, depending on the brand you use. Keep in mind that some creams work, while others do not. With this, you must be careful in choosing a particular brand of mole removal cream. So be sure to READ MORE ON OUR SITE : )

Yes, there are people who choose this type of method because it is cheaper compared to other treatments. But with out regard to cost, it is well suited to people who are afraid of scalpels or needles (since you only need to apply the cream to the mole).

“Secret Sauce” Here’s the tip only a FEW of them will share, because it’s counter-intuitive. Are you ready?
All you need to do is lightly scratch or sand the surface of the skin-tag or mole before application. That’s it! Super simple, right? But amazingly powerful in terms of faster & better results : )
This is the key step because it lets the cream penetrate deeper.

Depending upon the cream, a scab will form after few days of application. The scab then eventually falls off along with the mole.

Be patient! DO NOT PICK AT THE SCAB! In fact, if you do not trust yourself, then keep it covered with a bandage.
This is critical for two reasons: .1. Scars, and .2. Infections. Yes, if you pick it, then you can force your skin to produce scar tissue. And worse than that, you can bring an infection onto yourself by scratching off the scab.

2. Excision – Depending on the location and size of the mole, excision costs between $300 and $600, or possibly more depending on where you live on this big planet. This method is carried out with a cut made around the mole and the entire thickness / depth of the skin is removed. Regular stitches are necessary in order to close the area. This type of method may lead to scarring.

If you have concerns about the safety, cost, or scarring, then be sure to directly address those topics with your doctor. Be brave! They are business people, and they must have happy customers (and you may become one of them!).

3. Shaving – This particular method is done by cutting off the mole at the surface of the skin. A scab usually forms after the procedure and it usually takes a week or so for it to heal. Removing a mole with the use of shaving may cost you about $100 to $200, depending on the size and location of the mole.

Proceed with caution! You will see these “Shaving” ads in Craigslist, and the person doing the work may not be a medical professional. So do your homework, and be careful with this type of procedure.

Question: Does Higher Cost Mean Better Quality?

As they say, “You get what you pay for!”

If you spend a huge amount of money in order to remove your skin-moles, chances are, you will be happy and satisfied with the results. * BUT * it does not necessarily mean that cheaper mole removal methods are not effective. As a matter of fact, a particular method may work for you, while others may find it unsuccessful.

Here’s the bottom line: you must be brave & persistent, and actively seek the mole removal method that suits your body.

Why Do People Go For Natural Home Remedies?

Obviously, there are two drivers here: [1] cost of natural home remedies is a tiny fraction of laser surgery, and [2] many people are very protective of their bodies, and only use organic & natural treatments.

Here’s the deal: it is the CHEAPEST way of removing moles. As a matter of fact, you do NOT necessarily have to purchase anything specifically if you already have these bits in your kitchen.

Plus, you can try one or more home remedies from the comfort of your home. For instance, you can just take a cotton ball and apply an ample amount of apple cider vinegar to your mole. When done regularly, religiously, consistently, you will definitely see great results within weeks of application. The key here is determination : )

And don’t overlook all the other great info on this site!

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