Erbium Laser Technology For Scar-Less Removal Of Moles

To continue my weekly blog series of personal stories and first hand information on mole removal, I am going to tell you all about the time I got my mole removed. I have said to you in passing that mole (especially facial mole) is a subject close to my heart and that I had a personal familiarity with it, however unless you backpedaled to my post from last week you wouldn’t know much about it.
Mole removal gave me another reason to stare in the mirror; obviously I was in love with my mole free face. Now I don’t have to think twice before getting clicked. All in all I was and I am happy with the results.

This personality-changing experience led me to the direction where I wanted to know more about the procedure and laser technology that my dermatologist used for my mole removal. So, I started my research on Erbium laser technology first.
Developed in late 1990’s, the Erbium laser technology was a definitive advancement of the ablative restoring/resurfacing laser systems and has remained a highest standard for the removal of moles, wrinkles, pimples, skin cysts, bumps and lumps and for facial skin restoration. The dermatologist I consulted and got operated from has been utilizing this technology since 1997. He was basically in to removing non-cancerous (benign) moles.
My research revealed the statistics that 95% of the procedures that involve Erbium Laser Technology leave no scar and the remaining 5% are close to scar-less.

Talking about what exactly is Erbium:yag laser; technically it is an infra-red restoring/resurfacing laser utilized for skin conditions that need precise resurfacing. The key contrast to different lasers is the absence of high temperature it delivers, which branch it out from the original restoring lasers known as ultra-pulsed CO2 lasers which can result in moderate uncontrolled burning. Likewise, the Erbium laser has preferences over the electrosurgical or radio-frequency devices. Despite the fact that these sorts of gadgets are superior to basic cauterization, they also make moderate heat, which is a kind of disadvantage when performing procedures like scar-less mole or skin removal.

The Erbium Laser technology works by the laser light retained by the water in the patient’s skin cells. The energy absorbed by the cells thus causes the prompt vaporization of the cells being targeted. The laser light passed through the skin cell removes the 30 millionth of an inch of tissue at a time. This extraordinary control permits the specialist (dermatologist) to precisely remove the mole.
This type of laser surgery to remove mole is snappy and is carried out under small or even without anesthetic (as in my case, no anesthetic for facial mole, and small anesthetic for back mole). If the patient has several moles, all of them can be dealt with at the same visit. This has been a huge advancement from the customary method of surgical mole removal that involves stitches, with long healing period and last but not the least the scar formation due to mole cutting.
With Erbium laser technology, the procedure and especially the aftercare are quite basic that involve an antibiotic ointment and a sticky plaster just to save the wound from dust, getting wet and other infections.
The Erbium laser is likewise perfect for scar-less removal of fat bags around eyes, sun spots, milia, etc.

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