Freezing Moles With Liquid Nitrogen

“We all need to like what we see when we look in the mirror. When we dislike what we see, it wears and tears on our respect toward oneself and soul.”

670px-Freeze-a-Wart-With-Liquid-Nitrogen-Step-1True, at least in my case, this is why I got my mole removed. Now that there are so many options available for mole removal, I will be discussing ‘Freezing Moles with Liquid Nitrogen’ in this blog and knowledge is power.

Freezing moles is a procedure that has been in practice for more than hundred years. A non-surgical technique, it is intended to securely remove undesirable skin sores. By freezing the mole tissue, the skin cells are killed.

Otherwise called Cryotherapy, it (freezing moles) is a straightforward and simple technique. The procedure involves direct application of liquid nitrogen to the mole utilizing a spray, swab or even an injection relying on the position and size of the mole. This must be carried out in a very precise way, as the end goal is to obliterate skin tissue; consequently it is basic that the healthy skin surrounding the mole does not get affected with the liquid nitrogen.mole-removal

Soon after the freezing mole procedure, the area might become red and inflamed accompanied by a stinging sensation. These conditions may cause some uneasiness, however painkillers will be advised to deal with this.

Further, the recovery/healing process by and large takes 10-15 days. Amid this time it is important to take care of the area and be kept cleaned and covered regularly. On the off chance that a blister happens, this is common and it ought to allow settling on its own. As a rule any blister will vanish within 5 days, but if they persist for more than the prescribed time of 5 days, a specialist needs to be consulted.

Basic Advantages of Cryotherapy –

  1. No scarring and skin heals nicely
  2. Low cost
  3. One application is sufficient to remove the mole completely
  4. Can be done for cancerous tumors as well
  5. Non-invasive

Reading this may encourage some of you to try this procedure at home, however I would say a big ‘No’ to this. Need to know why? Just because utmost precision is needed for this procedure and if someone who is not medically trained does it, there are chances that he/she might either misses out some mole tissue or kills some of the skin tissue surrounding the mole. The first one (missing mole tissue) will increase the chances of reappearance of the mole. Also, it is important that proper aftercare is exercised under trained medical facility so that there are minimal chances of infection or any other complication.

Also, it is not a time consuming procedure and takes less than three hours. So, it is important to consult a specialist and get the procedure done in a right manner.


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