Proven Ways We Will Be Ridding Our Faces
Of Marks, Skin Tags, And More!


Join me in my adventure of cleansing my faceI’m inviting you to carefully consider a few life-changing options.

Why? Because I live with this daily, meaning, I am TOTALLY thankful that I found two solutions that dependably remove moles from my face!

And …it may sound weird, but… I am relieved that if I ever get another one, I can conquer it and get rid of it easily : -)

Here’s the question:

…do you have a painless and thoroughly effective way to dominate your skin blemishes? Yep, that’s right: we’re talking about all those unwelcome skin growths on your Face / Arms / Back / etc.

Simply put:
You found it! : -)

That’s right …this section of our site answers that question of how to get rid of facial moles, and more.


Before I get started — just to make sure we’re all thinking of the same thing — let’s start with a fast definition.

Skin moles are…

To Get rid of your facial moles you simply need to know what you will find on this siteA mole is a dark spot or an irregularity found on your skin. Moles come in different shapes and sizes, and can appear anywhere on the skin — from the facial region to chest areas, and so on — either in groups or by itself. Interestingly enough, some people are born with them, while others experience their appearance with time. There are those marks that go unnoticed (due to their location or coverage by clothing), and others that are considered attractive and even called “Beauty Marks.”

In my case, however, I’d not call them beautiful at all. Mine were more in the “Unsightly Nuisance” category. In fact, the one near my ear was considered pre-cancer, and had to be dealt with due to the obvious health risks.


When you discover any skin condition that is weirdly colored or misshapen or painful or feverish or itchy, then be sure to seek professional advice.

…but back to my point… the “normal” ones are rounded or otherwise symmetrical with a black or brown or tan or even a red color. Some are raised and might resemble an acne blemish, others are cylindrical (think about a pencil eraser), and yet others are flat or flush with the skin.

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Getting rid of facial moles has always been at the top of my list. So I learned the hard way that removal — whether by surgical or laser procedures — is a cosmetic surgery procedure, and rarely covered by insurance. If you’re rich, then that does not matter, but for the rest of us, the cost is a factor.

Diving in!

Hey, if you’re the “TAKE ACTION!” type,

then I’ll stop teasing you with facts, and deliver you directly to the solution : )

…here’s my absolute favorite destroyer of facial moles: Naturicle Duo !

More details

Ah, I see you’re still reading and did not click on the link : )
All good, because you’ve made a great decision to get more evidence, and I respect that!

Listen, there are countless thousands of people (like you and I) who are ready to improve their appearance by eradicating these skin blemishes — with this nice side benefit of reducing any associated health risks that could result from letting it remain and possibly get worse. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your moles can “go renegade” at some point in the months or yeard to come, and become a problem. All I’m saying is, it happened to me, so keep an eye on any skin growths.

So there you have it : ) …now without any more of my procrastination, let’s dive in and look at the scary solution first, then we’ll look at the solutions that I use. Here’s an overview of how to get rid of moles on your face using traditional surgical procedures.

Traditional surgery

Scalpel and suture is the conventional approach for mole removal, especially for skin growths that are in the category of the “WARNING” noted above. When you are in the hands of a skilled surgeon, you will have greater confidence of finishing this treatment without scars or other blemishes afterwards.

Truth be told, if we’re really honest with each other, facial mole removal is a type of surgery that has a lot of interest because these blemishes are highly visible and can be embarrassing at times. So, to ensure you get the solution that you want — and avoid post-surgery scarring — you will want to speak to your doctor about the removal of your particular mole(s), and his/her confidence in all this resulting in smooth, clear skin in the weeks to come after you are fully healed.


Once again, to treat certain types of moles considered to be cancerous and suspect, professional attention is required, and your assessment of the surgery treatments / solutions is highly recommended.

Fair enough? OK, so if you move forward with this option, then during the procedure, the doctor will numb the area on your face containing the mole, and you will stay awake while the doctor works on you. In some cases, a sedative drug is given — in addition to the local anesthetic — to make you relax. The mole is then removed with a scalpel and the wound stitched. The healing process generally happens within a week, and with proper care, the scar will hardly be noticeable, if visible at all.


In future articles we plan to bring you information about the benefits of a combination of surgical and radio surgery procedures. We will also bring out details on how your doctor can use electro-surgical diathermy to coagulate and resurface. Cauterization treatment and cryosurgery methods are among other alternatives. There are always advantages and disadvantages of every option, and it solely depends on which one you choose.

The result? Surgical mole eradication is a conventional and dependable process, and may turn out to be affordable if your health insurance plan gives coverage.

Ready for another option??

Good. Yes, I thought so. : )

Listen, I’m in favor of traditional surgical treatment when necessary, but at the end of the day, I’d rather take another path that is less expensive, and has the potential to deliver as good if not better results. : )

Yes, these other methods may take longer, but hey, if it means avoiding surgery, then I believe we can all be patient and eagerly watch for our great results.

“OTC” means…

Let’s start at the shallow end of the pool, and we’ll call it “Over The Counter Creams”
There are a variety of lotions, oils, drops, and creams to get rid of mole on your face with no side effects at all. These offer a wide span of promises for relatively quick fixes in removing / erasing / dissolving facial moles.

At the very top of my list is the dependable dissolver of moles and skin tags and other unsightly growths: The Powerful Naturicle Duo solution!

I agree, it takes patience, but when you need a completely comfortable, easy to use, effective solution, then there really is no other peer to this product.

Believe me, because I’ve looked.

If you can stand a fair amount of pain, and don’t mind scarring,
then there are other options that I’ll bring to you in the days to come.

The other options have an exchange that go like this:
you get the mole removed fast, but you get a scar, and you wonder if it was worth it.
I’ve literally tried & used these options, so I’ll be sharing my experiences for better or for worse.

Again, in my life experience, I can only recommend the Naturicle Duo with a clear conscience.

I encourage you to grab your mouse, and click that link, and buy their product; do yourself this favor.
…if you’re not the “favor” type, then by all means stay with us, because we will be adding more content to this site, with details on the products I’ve hinted at. They’re not pretty, but people need to know the truth.

We look forward to sharing that with you very soon!

Thanks for reading page 2 part C ! : -)


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