Is It Safe to Perform Mole Removal At Home?

moleNow that we have reached to the end of our blog series, I would admit that there are many DIY mole removal kits and certain home remedies available that guarantees safe mole removal, but it is important that you read enough about them before actually implementing them on your mole.

So, here is a blog focusing on potential risks associated with removing moles at home.

Firstly, it is important that we look in to the reasons why people try their hand in removing moles and other skin lesions at home. A few reasons include -:

  1. The Financial need – they would prefer not to experience the cost of having surgery.
  2. Convenience – it spares effort and time.
  3. Embarrassment – they would prefer not to make a visit to the specialist about their moles.

Basically the procedure of removing the moles at home is done using home mole removal kits. The basic ingredient of these kits is a cream or lotion that is to be applied directly on to the mole to be removed. The kit also contains a needle and/or emery board, the purpose of which is to scratch the mole until it is completely removed (superficially).

Note – Keeping the chances of malignant moles on top priority, it is best to have moles removed by an expert.

Risks Associated with Home Mole Removal


  1. Lack of Histological examination – Before removing the moles, it is imperative to send the sample for Histological examination, which can only be done by a dermatologist. At the point when the procedure is done at home using DIY kit, there is no way the examination can be done and any evidence of malignant mole goes unnoticed.
  2. Scarring – The most common issue with removing a mole in general is the formation of scar. When the removal is done by a dermatologist, he/she takes all the necessary measures to ensure there is no to little scarring post procedure. But, with home mole removal kits it is possible that a person might end up removing not only the mole but the skin underneath, leading to unattractive scars, including scars that are indented. This becomes even more horrible if the scar appears on the face or other visible body part. These scars may then be corrected using corrective surgeries that are much more expensive then medically approved mole removal procedures.
  3. Allergies – The creams and lotions provided with home mole removal kits are not intended to work with every skin type. There are chances that the products might cause allergies, rashes or irritation for some individuals with sensitive skin. Also, there are many types of moles (flat, raised, wrinkled, hairy, etc) making it impossible to determine whether or not the kit will work on all or any one of them.

Despite the fact that moles are unattractive or in some cases annoying, there is no reason to harm yourself or bringing on a scar. Just do the right thing and find an experienced dermatologist to undergo a procedure with minimal risk and maximum aesthetic results.mole_removal

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