My Personal Experience with Mole Removal Laser Surgery

To start my weekly blog of personal stories and first hand information on mole removal, I would like to begin with the story that saw me pen it down to a nearly professional blog series. Talking about my personality, I won’t hesitate to mention that I was a self-conscious child and a teen-ager. I was short, chubby, had big eyes, big cheeks, all in all not a very cute kid (all in my opinion). Being chubby during pre-teen and teen-age was of course my concern, but not the biggest. My biggest concern was the big, black mole on my right cheek. I hated it deeply, since it was hideous. While looking in any of the glass items (with strong reflection) or even in a mirror, I would simply gaze at my mole. I became habitual of investing hours gazing in the mirror attempting to work out how I could position my face in photographs with the goal that my mole didn’t look so monstrous. I never entirely worked it out so (can say now after making a comparison between the photographs with the mole and photos after the mole removal procedure), I simply notice that irritable thing on my face.

I strongly believe that if you dislike something, transform/wipe out it from your life, and it was time to apply the same hypothesis to my mole.
Till now, I only talked about that one mole on my face (biggest enemy), but I had a big mole on my back as well. According to me, the mole on my face was quite big, but the dermatologist was of a different opinion (according to him it was small and can be ignored). Nevertheless, I was so adamant that I wanted to get rid of the same, so he suggested me to go for a laser surgery to remove mole. During my first session with him, he told me about the laser procedure, which is common for the cases wherein the mole is clearly visible on the skin’s upper layer, involve either Erbium:YAG laser or CO2 mole removal laser. Erbium:YAG laser does the removal layer-wise, while peeling the surface of the skin and is suitable for moles on the face. The CO2 mole removal laser is quite an aggressive and powerful procedure used for deeper effects.
For my face mole, the dermatologist utilized a Erbium:YAG laser to remove or zap away the mole. Since the mole size was not that big, there was no requirement for any sedatives/ anesthetics. The sting of the laser brought tears to my eyes, yet it wasn’t painful to the point that I needed to cut somebody (somebody here would be the dermatologist). The entire procedure was carried out in around 5 seconds.

After the mole was removed, my skin was red; open with marginally bleeding wounds. The dermatologist advised me to use an antibiotic cream and a sheet of Duoderm (synthetic skin for covering the wound). The idea is to safeguard the wound from getting wet, infected or rotting. I sincerely followed all of his instructions that resulted in quick recovery and the wound gained its skin. After few more weeks the skin on the wound matched to my original skin tone and now no-body (including me) could not tell where that big, black mole used to be.

Mole Removal Non Surgical 2
For my mole on the back, the dermatologist suggested the same procedure with an anesthetic (since the size and time it would take to remove would be more than the previous one). Because of numbness, I could not really feel what was going on, but the procedure took around a minute and the only thing I felt is something brushing against my skin. As expected, the care instructions were the same with a bit long healing time.
It’s been few years since I got my moles removed and in my opinion it was worth doing that as I totally cherish my mole-free face.
With my first belief that I have already shared with you, another one is ‘when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you look good’.
So, what do you think of my mole removal story? Comment below and let me know…..till then look good and feel good…….

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