Skin Care With Natural Ingredients

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Video Notes:

How do I feel about LUSH?

Things I mentioned that you should look up:

– Jojoba beads (rice powder is also good)
– Glycerin
– Manuka honey and raw honey

Things I completely forgot because I forget things:

– TEA!! I forgot all about teas. Feel free to add tea to your face masks or toners, just always keep your pH in mind and try to avoid teas that contain things like orange and lemon oil. I would prefer you use decaf teas–caffeine has beneficial short term properties, but some harmful long term properties. So keep caffeinated teas to occasional use.

– Clays: bentonite and kaolin clay are skin care staples that every DIYer should have.

– Aloe: is fabulous, nuff said.

– Rice water is fine, idk how beneficial it is.

– Turmeric: has antioxidant and skin brightening properties. Shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin.

– Lip scrub. A fine grain sugar scrub is safe to use on the lips occasionally, as long as you don’t grind it into your lips. It should never hurt! An easy recipe is brown sugar and coconut oil. Tastes delicious!

– I mentioned coffee in a footnote. It’s a good mechanical exfoliant for occasional use on the body only, but just make sure that it is finely ground. I love the smell of coffee scrubs! Same caution re: caffeine applies here. Should be for occasional use, and not for leave-on treatments.

For the majority of the rest of your questions, please see facebook!! This includes tea tree oil, witch hazel, dairy products, rose water, evening primrose and rosehip oils and more.

For everyone asking about cinnamon, I’ve given you all the information you need to answer that. I’m trying to teach you, not think for you, so take a guess (hint: look up capsaicin).

Hi, I’m Veronica! This is my 10th anniversary of becoming an esthetician, and I’m happy to share the wisdom that I’ve gathered over the years with all of you. My resume includes practicing in a famous LA plastic surgery center’s medical spa, a five-star hotel and two of the most famous waxing institutions in Beverly Hills. My skin care philosophy may be a bit different than a lot of what you hear about on the internet, but it’s based on many years of professional and personal experience.

If anything that I say is helpful to you, I would sincerely appreciate if you take a moment to share my videos!

Thank you, xo

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