Things You Should Know About Laser Mole Removal

laser-mole-removalI have already discussed a lot about my personality, appearance and mantra in life, but one thing that I missed in previous blogs is the fact that I am the kind of person who wants to know as much about something as could reasonably be expected. I would love to mention myself as an ‘Informed Purchaser’. I ask a million inquiries while ordering food I have never had in the past. With this you can envision the number of inquiries I had about removing my facial mole using laser procedure. I began through Google search while turning toward numerous reference websites as I could. I even searched for real life experiences of people who have undergone this kind of procedure. I needed a genuine record of the procedure, not simply a 2 sentence testimonial on how somebody was happy they had it. I even looked up diagrams and illustrations of the procedure, which actually helped me while I went for my first appointment with the dermatologist. I compiled almost 50 questions (according to my dermatologist most of which were childish). But, some of them were actually important so I am listing them herewith, for anyone who wants to undergo the similar laser procedure.

What type of moles are good candidates for laser procedure?

  1. Small moles
  2. New moles
  3. Flat moles

What type of moles are bad candidates for laser procedure?

  1. Large moles
  2. Older moles
  3. Protruding moles
  4. Atypical moles (not examined)

Is the procedure painful?

Some individuals experienced a slight tingling (better explained as the snap of an elastic band against the skin) when the laser pulses on the mole.

What is the procedure? mole_p31-1

The skin around the mole is numbed following which a low setting laser beam is utilized to uproot the tan pigmentation of the mole and that’s it. The actual procedure time depends upon the size and seriousness of the mole.

What to expect after the procedure?

After the laser mole removal procedure, the area may show up redden or darker. The mole will transform into a scab which ought to fall off in 2 weeks. The new and sensitive skin needs total protection, so it should be covered with sunscreen for the next 6 weeks (surgeons recommendations are to totally avoid the sun exposure, which is impossible for many of us, so better make use of good quality, dermatologist recommended sunscreen).

What Are The Risks?

For the most part, noninvasive surgery is performed either with no anesthesia or local anesthesia (depending upon the size of the mole), yet a few procedures may need general anesthesia, which dependably represents a risk. Besides anesthesia, infection is the major risk associated with this kind of procedure that can easily be invaded by making use of sterilization materials and gloves.

What are some possible problems with laser mole removal?

Possible problems include –

  1. Incomplete procedure
  2. Pain
  3. Bleeding
  4. Infection
  5. Scarring
  6. Change in skin color

What is the cost of laser mole removal procedure?

The cost varies incredibly as multiple procedures may be needed for complete eradication of the mole. The procedure session may cost as low as $50 to $400 or even more depending upon the number of moles, location of the mole, severity of the mole, state/country policy and dermatologist or surgery centre’s charges.

What number of laser sessions is needed?

Ordinarily, 3 sessions are required for an effective procedure. A few patients may see a change in one session (typical with patients with flat moles) while others require more than three (for protruding and deep rooted moles).

Is this procedure covered under Insurance? treatment_laser_mole

Mole removal with or without laser technique is a cosmetic procedure, which is why the procedure is not covered under insurance. But, for providing financial assistance to the patients many surgery centers offer their clients flexible financing options.

These were my shortlisted queries; however you may add your queries to these before you visit your dermatologist for laser mole removal.

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