Consider the Cost of Removing Moles by Laser Therapy

Before we discuss typical Laser mole removal Cost, you need to understand a few important things about this type of blemish removal, especially about the potential to leave a scar.
…after all, how many of us can just whip-out our charge card and shout, “The sky is the limitx! I’ll pay whatever you ask, just help me with a query ‘How to get rid of moles?’ get rid of this mole now!”

Laser Removal of Moles – Might Be A Pain In The Wallet (I.E., “Price Evaluation”)

Mole removal can be done in a number of different ways, like -

  1. Cryotherapy (Freezing) – Freezing moles is a straightforward and simple technique. The procedure involves direct application of liquid nitrogen to the mole utilizing a spray, swab or even an injection relying on the position and size of the mole. This must be carried out in a very precise way, as the end goal is to obliterate skin tissue; consequently it is basic that the healthy skin surrounding the mole does not get affected with the liquid nitrogen.
  2. Laser – The Laser Removal of Moles works by the laser light retained by the water in the patient’s skin cells. The energy absorbed by the cells thus causes the prompt vaporization of the cells being targeted. The laser light passed through the skin cell removes the 30 millionth of an inch of tissue at a time. This extraordinary control permits the specialist (dermatologist) to precisely perform the removal of mole.
  3. Surgical Excision – A doctor uses a scalpel to cut and perform the Mole removal. If the bottom of it is level with your outer skin, you may not need stitches. However, if the doctor judges this to be big enough, then this surgeon may very well cauterize it (burn it) to stop the bleeding during surgery.

Surgical Excision can leave a noticeable mole removal scar that needs additional scar removal surgery for the best possible results (more on that in a sister article…).

Moreover, if the mole has a deep core, the doctor will have to stitch up the open wound after removal and (depending upon the skill of the doctor) this can lead to noticeable scarring too. It is vital that you discuss the needs and expectations you have towards the mole removal with your surgeon during your first meeting. Notably, if your goal is primarily aesthetic, then make it very clear that the doctor must confirm that they have successfully performed similar surgeries for removal of moles.MOLE REMOVAL 1

Finally, Laser mole removal procedure can be used to remove the dark pigment inside a mole, leaving the clear outer skin to dry up and fall off on its own. Laser mole removal has the least likelihood of scarring. The research revealed the statistics that 95% of the procedures that involve Laser Technology for the removal of moles leave no scar and the remaining 5% are close to scar-less. The Laser mole removal technology makes use of two types of laser for mole removal –

  1. Erbium:yag laser – Technically it is an infra-red restoring/resurfacing laser utilized for skin conditions that need precise resurfacing. The key contrast to different lasers is the absence of high temperature it delivers, which branch it out from the original restoring lasers. Likewise, the Erbium Laser mole removal has preferences over the electrosurgical or radio-frequency devices. With Erbium Laser mole removal technology, the procedure and especially the aftercare are quite basic that involve an antibiotic ointment and a sticky plaster just to save the wound from dust, getting wet and other infections.
  2. CO2 laser – CO2 Laser mole removal is an effective method for disposing of irksome moles. This procedure is most suitable for moles that are non-cancerous. Superior to regular surgical procedure, CO2 Laser mole removal guarantees that the areas surrounding the mole are not affected at all. Scarring when utilizing this laser system is likewise negligible.

Review the Invoice Before Undergoing Laser mole removal …

The Laser mole removal Cost typically ranges from $50 to $600. Laser mole removal Costs are at the upper end of this range with only cryosurgery costing more. However, when considering the price of this type of mole removal or laser scar removal, you must also consider the impact of scarring. I am mentioning this again, because depending upon your goals it may be worth a few extra hundred dollars to have this Laser Removal of Moles done without scarring (especially if it is in a highly visible area).

Reimbursement of Laser mole removal Cost

Unfortunately, insurance policies will rarely cover the Laser mole removal Cost. However, if there is a legitimate medical reason, you may be able to have the insurance cover the whole Laser mole removal Cost or part of the total invoice.

For example, if a mole grows in a place that is typically shaven, such as the arm pit of a woman or on the face of a man, there may be risk of infection, especially if you have a condition such as Type 2 Diabetes, which compromises the immunity of the patient. Also, if you want to undergo a mole removal that is in a place where it is causing you pain and discomfort, you may be able to get your insurance company to pay the complete Laser mole removal Cost.

Be Bold

Keep in mind too that the Laser mole removal Cost can be negotiated with your doctor if your insurance is not going to cover all or at least part of part of the cost. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be helpful to let the doctor know that you may consider shopping around if you can’t afford the Laser mole removal Cost they give you. Also, most dermatologists will significantly discount the Laser mole removal Cost for each elimination-procedure if you have more than one removal of moles. This discount can be as high as thirty to fifty percent, depending on the doctor, the complexity of the Laser Removal of Moles procedure, and how well you bargain.


The mole removal with or without laser technique is a cosmetic procedure, which is why the procedure is not covered under insurance. But, for providing financial assistance to the patients many surgery centers offer their clients flexible financing options.

Another major factor that influences Laser mole removal Cost is the type of doctor that does the Laser mole removal procedure. A plastic surgeon will typically charge more for mole removal than a dermatologist. Also, if the mole is small and will not need stitches, your general doctor may be able to do the mole removal procedure for even less than a dermatologist would charge.

When considering Laser mole removal Cost, keep the above factors in mind (especially the fact that you should brush-up your bargaining skills for a better deal!). All situations are different and you have to decide what’s best for your specific situation.

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