Welcome to Your No-Scar Mole-Remover Resource Blo

We are really excited to welcome you to our cure & results-focused website & blog. =-)

But first, please allow 1 minute for us to share our backstory…

We got our start in blogging at West Chester University, as part of our Nursing major classes. We loved it so much, the we had to keep it going after we graduated.

During our training we met a certain dermatologist — who insists on staying anonymous due to his tenure at University of Penn Hospital… — who opened our eyes to consistently effective wound treatments, therapies, and regimens.

In fact, since we are all very active adventure race athletes, we each found multiple opportunities to experiment on our own bodies (or in Sarah’s case, she insisted on treating Kara’s moles each and every day until she found the method that worked on raised moles).

Those experiences (tremendously exciting and invigorating) laid the foundation for this site.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine how we could be any more enthusiastic about sharing all this with you.

Stay tuned my friends, there’s more to come!

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